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Despite the fact that Mikis Theodorakis is actually at the Medical Centre of Athens due to lungs and respiration problems, he is so concerned by what is happening in Cyprus that he has issued the following


The brave resistance of Cyprus to the furious attack of Germany and its allies, severely exposes the tri-party Greek government.

What would they do? Will they go with Cyprus or with Europe?

It is obvious that the European attack aims at the underground deposits of Cyprus*.) The same target has been and is aimed in our country, against our people. It’s their catastrophic policy that is being applied in Greece and that has already covered 50% of its route while we should expect even stronger hits in the future.

I believe that this strategic “disadvantage” (the existence of underground wealth) will have to be turned into a strategic advantage.

This is why we need a common front with Cyprus in all matters of economic cooperation and with countries outside Europe with the purpose of common exploitation of the reserves.

Athens 19.3.2013
Mikis Theodorakis

Translated by Augustina DOUGHTY-PAPASSIDERIS

*) That means especially the oil reserves

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