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Mikis Theodorakis - Photo: Pantelis Saitas


For a Europe of nations and homelands,
a Europe of science, art and culture,
a Europe of economic, industrial and social development,
a Europe of peace and solidarity between peoples.

The fundamental clash of our times is the dichotomy between all the peoples of Europe and the forces which represent and advance the worldwide dominance of Global Governance. At the centre of these forces are a number of extremely large banks, such as Rockefeller-Rothschild and Goldman Sachs, with branches including Deutsche Bank and the European Bank, as well as the Bilderberg Club as “government spokesman” (with Henry Kissinger as president), and the IMF and the World Trade Organisation as satellites or mouthpieces, for example for the Chicago School (Friedman). [See Naomi Klein’s revelations in her book The Shock Doctrine].

The aim of this new totalitarianism is globalisation, that is, the construction of a new society of an unknown kind on the ruins of the nation-states through the creation of a new type of citizen who is subjugated and subservient to the plans and ambitions of Global Governance, which will be controlled and steered by, and will serve the interests of, big business and international banks.


Today, the political world in the European states is divided into two groups: those who are aware of the new reality and are consciously serving the new Global Governance, and those who are unaware of the new reality and are working together with the former, the conscious servants of the new totalitarianism, within the political system, even if it is in the form of opposition. In this way, the political leaders of all parties today, whether from the Right, the Centre, the Left, the Greens, etc, are all on board the same train of political power that is being driven along the tracks controlled by Global Governance towards the death of nations and their replacement by a new international society which is completely subjugated to the interests and dictates of Global Governance.

Today’s parliaments, which are currently under the control of the IMF and the Europe of the banks, have therefore become institutions of the new totalitarianism, meaning that there is no possibility of resistance through these systems. Under these new conditions, the forces of resistance must place their physical presence among the people at the heart of their actions.
My country’s experiences with the presence of the Troika over the past two and a half years have led us to conclude that this foreign control of our economy and government is imposing the conditions of foreign occupation on us. For this reason, the people’s resistance must take the form of a struggle for liberation. Our weapon is the active resistance of a united people. Consequently, the patriotic unity of the people is key. For it is the nation as a whole which is now affected, meaning that this unity must transcend existing class, ideological and political differences: in other words, a unity of national patriotism.

If a nation does not use all its forces, without exception, against the hurricane of the forces of globalisation, it is lost.

For this attack, wielding money as its weapon, is far stronger and more efficient than any form of police or military force. It is attack on the citizen in his entirety. An attack not only on his body, but also on his mind and his soul. It is similar to the experiments carried out by Cameron, and described by Naomi Klein, in which he administered 50 electric shocks to erase people’s memories and thus their personality. Money, through the shock of unemployment, impoverishment and fear, erases citizens’ individuality and personality and destroys the social fabric which makes up the form and substance of the nation-state.

It is also necessary for every nation to succeed in mobilising all the forces at its disposal: tradition, history, science, art, culture, national wealth and development potential. This will allow the national-patriotic movement to offer resistance from a position of strength; to isolate those who doggedly insist on ignoring the danger of an attack by the new totalitarianism, or who serve it; and to strengthen the alliance of the people and ensure an ever greater level of strength and determination, while at the same time the model of a new society in a completely liberated homeland is strengthened.

The creation of a single resistance front uniting the peoples of Europe would, of course, lead to the complete defeat of the forces of destructive invasion and to the creation of a Europe of nations, of peace and of progress. Its power and appeal would be so strong that it would be able to play a leading role at international level.

Athens, September 2012

Mikis Theodorakis


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