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The Government in its death-throes, together with the unimaginable megalomania and incompetence of its leaders, has been driving us, for the past two and a half years, towards total chaos.

They put the tolerance of our people to the test and exploit the institutions, with no thought to the consequences.

The latest invention, a referendum, is complete hypocrisy, since up till now the Government has taken countless crucial decisions and signed agreements that are binding on the Greek people, pledging our future, without once asking our opinion on anything.

Did the Government ask us for our opinion when they delivered us up to the IMF? Or when they signed the first loan agreement? Is it only now, when they have already tied us hand and foot, that they think of holding a referendum?

It is well known that a referendum only constitutes a way for the People to express its will in a democratic manner when the People is free to decide, not when it is faced with a fait accompli and under conditions resembling blackmail.

Now the Greek people is literally trapped, because of the Government and everything it has signed, our leaders are hypocritical enough to ask us merely whether we consent to the latest agreement, signed in the last few days.

By this means, they are cunningly trying to legalize retroactively anything unconstitutional they have done so far, blackmailing us by saying that if we do not consent, we will lose everything we have, even our wages and pensions.

Therefore, say NO to holding a referendum.

As for us, we are working intensely on creating a Nationwide People’s Salvation Front.

3 November 2011
Mikis Theodorakis

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