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Renato Zanella

Because there could be misunderstandings concerning some statements Mikis Theodorakis had made recently on a Greek TV station, he answers with a written declaration to the usual circles accusing him of ...Anti-Semitism.

Nazism was based on the core theory of Racism, aimed not only at Jewish people but also at anyone who did not belong to the Aryan Race. Gipsies, Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks and Serbs had thirty million victims in total, mostly in death camps.

The Jews had the highest death toll proportional to their population, with 6 million victims. This is why their loss was given the name "Holocaust".

Greece was one of the few countries that defended their Jewish population. It systematically protected Greek Jews from the wrath of the SS. If the members of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki had embraced the proposal of National Liberation Front (EAM) to go to the mountain and place themselves under ΕΑΜ protection, the monstrous annihilation of more than 50 thousand people could have been avoided.

Unfortunately the Rabbis continued to delude themselves as to Germany's intentions and rejected this life-saving proposal.

For instance, the family of the well-known businessman Matsas was saved because they took shelter in the mountain, in the area controlled by the National Popular Liberation Army (ELAS).
Hundreds of families in Athens risked their lives to hide Jewish people. We, as fighters of the Athens branch of ELAS at the time, were responsible for guarding many such houses and had received orders to engage in battle to save Jews in hiding.

I can personally mention dozens of cases when we suffered casualties in our effort to stop the deadly work of the SS.

Anti-racism and opposition to Anti-Semitism were therefore not only a fundamental element of our culture as EAM members, but also a scope of our action during the years of Occupation against all kinds of racism.

I have kept the same attitude throughout my life, not only in word but also in deed, and nothing could ever make me change my ideas.

The same goes now for the Movement of Independent Citizens: the word "forbidden" is reserved for every reference to Fascism-Nazism-Nationalism-Anticommunism and Anti-Semitism, and even more so for the participation of people professing similar ideas.

I personally declare that I hate them for an additional reason: there is blood dividing me from them. Yes, we have bled to defend our ideas, and this gives us the right to claim that we have been among the protagonists in defending the victims of Fascism and Anti-Semitism. End of discussion. And I consider anyone who dares to insult me again in this most sensitive part of my character to be nothing but a filthy worm.

But this is where the hard part begins. For Zionism, not only clearly emerging again but also claiming a leading role in international affairs, uses the Holocaust as an alibi for actions of a purely reactionary nature, such as Israel's state policy and the role of some important factors of the Jewish-American lobby in shaping the imperialistic policy of the USA.

Thus any criticism against them is cunningly labeled as anti-Semitic, and no one dares to condemn harmful actions any more for fear of being branded as a racist.

Being one of those people who stop before nothing in order to say the truth as I perceive and believe it, I have become from time to time the target of similar attacks; and my opponents do not content themselves with just words, but proceed in actions that degrade me as a person and as a composer. Mostly as a composer, since Zionists control 99% of Global musical life.

I have therefore repeatedly accused Israel and accuse it again today for crimes against humanity.
I equally condemn some important factors of the Jewish-American lobby both for their leading role in the crimes of the USA war machine in Iraq and for their plan to eliminate Nation-States, ultimately aiming to establish the global predominance of Bank-financial colossuses entirely controlled by it.

It is a paradox of history that the principal victims of Hitlerism now faithfully imitate the methods employed by the latter for global predominance.

This fact obliges us to treat them accordingly, even if this means we have to risk our lives again, like we did then.

One more thing: They made a mistake in choosing our country for their conference -thanks to Mr. Papandreou. To us this is an utmost provocation that we have to take under serious consideration.

ATHENS, 9.2.2011

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