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The composer Mikis Theodorakis, the great symbol of the Greek uprising against the “Colonels’ Regime”, has come out swinging against the austerity plan that is supposed to re-establish fiscal order in Greece. “Disobey the government’s decision,” says he.

Peter Tiboris

On December 1, Theodorakis has started up an "independent citizens’ movement to put up direct resistance to the pressure from the US, IMF and EU”. The composer feels “we’re ceding national sovereignty to foreign powers” and envisages “a movement to help Greeks express their concerns and work up ideas on how to face the crisis”.

During an event held in the building of the Foundation Michael Cacoyannis, with the presence of Mr. Cacoyannis, entrepreneurs and many people, Theodorakis formally announced the establishment of an Independent Citizens Movement, which bears the name "Spitha" (Spark).

Referring to the government, Theodorakis argued that while it took office to lead the country to develop, it is leading it to the custody of US, IMF and EU.

Mikis Theodorakis clarified that the Movement does not seek to become a political party. "I want to help create a movement of ideas centered on independent citizens who need to express their reaction to the crisis that led us to the global financial crisis".

He proposed to establish a National Agency, which will discuss with the governments of foreign countries to find solutions for the benefit of the Greek country and the Greek people.

The positions of the Movement and the speech of Mr. Theodorakis are included in a book titled "Spitha" and a DVD, which are available in bookshops.

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