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ECP - Theodorakis speaks

From the vast Universe to our small planet Earth, the phenomenon of life is a constant conflict between opposites, culminating in the antithesis between Harmony and Chaos. This is a universal rule to which human history is no exception, as is reflected in the perpetual succession of Harmony and Chaos, Peace and War, happiness and misery, Culture and Barbarity in all peoples and all times. Europe has witnessed the alternation between Renaissance and the Middle Ages, War and Peace, Obscurantism and the Century of Light, Democracy and Fascism, prosperity and disaster, development and crisis.

It is obvious today that the powers of Chaos -stronger and more devious than ever- have prevailed, sinking our peoples in a deep, complex crisis. A financial crisis, but also one of moral values. A Crisis of Culture. You are now in Athens, the centre of which hosts the sacred Rock of Acropolis where Fate has chosen to preserve the Parthenon, the Symbol of Moderation and Beauty and one of the pedestals of the intellectual, mental and moral quintessence of the True and Whole Human Being to whom fortune has bestowed two priceless gifts: The Gift of Life and the Gift of Harmony.

Who, however, and how many have been actually able to conceive and express the whole, gifted Man in his quintessence, in his true identity as the special Being on Earth, the sole heir and guardian of Harmony, through his relationship above all with himself and consequently with fellow human beings, with Nature and Life? Are they not all those who have bequeathed to us great works of intellect and enriched us with ideas, thoughts, visions and works of every nature that elevate Reason and Scientific thought, nourish imagination and enhance beauty of language and aestheticism? Works that unite people instead of separating them? Works emitting beauty, nobleness, truth and love, abhorrent of barbarity and hatred?

All those benefactors of humanity never discriminated between white, yellow or black people, rich or poor, educated or ignorant. They all viewed Man as one whole Being, above any natural or factitious differences. The only possible distinction between men is the one existing among trees in a forest. While they all live on the same soil, absorb the same sun and breathe the same air, they have separate roots, trunks, leaves, flowers and fruits.

However, these differences do not keep them from carrying out the same miraculous processes, transforming carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen; nor do they exempt them from suffering the same hardships inflicted by storms, draughts, fires and man’s imprudent attacks.

But in the end a tree always remains a tree, and man will always be a man. That is to say, a valuable conquest of life. Nations, races, human societies have one thing in common: the one, uniform, integral human being, the chosen one by Life and Harmony. This is why from the ancient years until today Antitheses, division, rivalry, hostility and hatred between men, societies and peoples have always been the weapons used by the powers of Chaos in their struggle to eliminate Life and Harmony.

To that end they employ violence, oppression, exploitation of one person by another, happiness of one person at the expense of another, and finally inter-extermination and armed conflicts.

This course has led us today to the culmination of the devious powers of Chaos: the creation of an international Directoire, supported by 4-5 international centres of Power formed around the USA leading centre and based on an unprecedented military destruction force and huge financial means of suppression and coercion. With the Army and the Banks as their executive branches, they persistently and systematically impose the New Order of Globalization aiming at the radical alteration of the world map by demolishing entire nations. Their main method is to cause corrosion resulting in total elimination of their distinctive features, such as nationality, culture, collective conscience and, in the end, of the right of Nations, Peoples and individuals to make decisions concerning their lives and countries collectively, freely and independently.

Against this forest of men and peoples, that has endured thousands of hardships throughout the years, they aim their attacks; scheming to destroy the roots of every tree and turn it into logging material in the giant global governance system devised by morbid minds intoxicated by their own monstrous power. They intend to turn us all into ‘idiots’ in the ancient Greek meaning, lonely individuals cut off from any sense of collective conscience, scared, vulnerable and obedient subjects following the orders of the new masters of Planet Earth.

This, in my opinion, is the essence of the crisis afflicting the peoples of the world today, presently numbing them into inaction; for it is indeed an unprecedented, evil attack that has caught them off guard.

Nevertheless, I also believe that in this extreme venture the powers of Chaos have finally reached their limits. Let us recall the latest great danger posed for humanity by Adolph Hitler, the incarnation of Chaos at the time. Didn’t his triumphs in Europe generate a general fear that everything had come to an end? Just like then today’s Führers, with their suits and their ties, intoxicated by their success, have led their own power to its limits. On the verge of their very own Stalingrad. And the peoples of Europe can and must be exactly this!

Europe has offered many priceless gifts to humanity, especially in the fields of Science, Philosophy, Sociology and Art. However, it is also the birthplace of colonialism and the two great World Wars that have caused incalculable inflictions to the peoples of Europe itself as well as those of Africa, South America and Asia.

Today Europe holds a key-position allowing it to reverse the negative current and lead the entire humanity along the path of Harmony, Peace and Prosperity. In order to achieve this, Europe must First cut the umbilical cord tying it to the USA, which have reduced it to an obedient instrument of the catastrophic policy plotted by the military and financial powers that have imposed themselves over this great country of rich tradition and great contribution to progress and culture and have turned it into an operating base for violence and disaster. And Second, to radically revise its philosophy as to the means for attaining development and prosperity for its peoples. The emergence of the financial-banking system as a unique lever of power has prevented Europe from transforming into a unified formation with its very own identity and strategy, moulded with the creative contribution of all of its peoples who, relying on the foundations of rich European traditions, shall unite to forge the real identity and content of a new Europe. A Europe in the service of the following values: Independence, Freedom, Democracy, Equality before the Law, Human Rights, development, prosperity and cultural regeneration.

In this effort of salvation and regeneration for the entire humanity, Greece has a significant role to play. The ever-present Greece of Moderation, Truth, Beauty and Human nature will help us reach the springs of Harmony, the antithesis of Chaos that dominates our lives today. And above all we must realize that the frontal attack we all face today can only unite us in one Totality, beyond all kinds of differences in religion, race, social rank, class and culture. Thus obliging us to choose our path between Chaos and Harmony.

It is about time we grew up and matured in order to save humanity, but also our most generous host, Planet Earth itself. For, put into the perspective of Time measured in centuries, our attitude towards the essential existence of life has been so far childish. Let us realize that Man is one whole and that the gift of life -common to all people- has predestined him to savour with every pore of his body, mind and soul the ultimate bliss earned by peaceful coexistence with his fellow human beings and nature, which will allow him to develop his creative powers to the outmost. In both the material and spiritual spheres.

I am certain that, if Europe chooses this path, it can turn today’s Hell into Paradise. And I truly rejoice today in this opportunity to confide my Great Vision to you.

Thank you.

Athens, 16.9.2010

Mikis Theodorakis

ECP - Theodorakis and members

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