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Mikis Theodorakis last night [16 September] launched a fiery attack against the International Monetary Fund and the United States who, “as modern-day Führer in suits and ties have plunged nations into deep crisis”, in the presence of Hellenic Parliament President Filippos Petsalnikos and Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis, revealing what he described as his “Great Vision” during the inauguration of the 9th Session of the European Cultural Parliament at the City of Athens Technopolis.

Mikis Theodorakis said:

“Today, it is patently clear that the powers of Chaos, more powerful and deceitful than ever before, have beat the state, plunging our peoples into a deep, multi-faceted crisis. Both an economic crisis and a crisis of values. A Cultural Crisis.

Nations, races and human societies have a common denominator in the unified, similar and pure human, the chosen one of Life and Harmony. For this reason, from ancient times up until today the powers of Chaos have basically used the weapons of Antitheses, division, rivalry, enmity and hate between humans, societies and peoples to strike out at Life and Harmony. The means they use are violence, oppression and exploitation of one another, the happiness of one at the expense of another and, finally, mutually destructive annihilation and warfare.

Up until today, when we have reached the peak of the deceitful powers of Chaos with the creation of an international Directorate which is based on 4-5 international centres of power whose epicentre is the US, with an unprecedented destructive military power as well as enormous economic means of suppression and imposition. Utilising the Army and the Banks as executive organs, they forcefully and systematically impose the New Order of Globalisation which aims to radically alter the world map by demolishing nations, using the weapon of erosion to annihilate their unique characteristics.

They want to make all of us ‘individuals’, lonely people cut off from any form of collectiveness, scared, vulnerable subjects who obey the orders of the new masters of planet Earth. This is what I believe to be the essence of today’s crisis which is tormenting our peoples who, for the moment, do not know how to react because it is truly an unprecedented and satanic attack which has proven relentless.

At the same time, however, I believe that the powers of Chaos have reached their limits in this extreme operation. Let us recall an earlier great danger to Humanity, the representative of Chaos known as Adolf Hitler. After his triumphs in Europe, was there not a palpable fear that it had all ended? And like him, the Führer of today, in their suits and ties intoxicated by their success, have taken their power to its absolute limit. That is, to a new Stalingrad.”

He noted:

“Today Europe holds a key position which enables it to reverse the negative trend and guide Humanity as a whole along the road of Harmony, Peace and Prosperity. But it must first cut its umbilical cord which ties it to the US and has turned it into an obedient organ of the catastrophic policies which the military economic power is laying down, which have been imposed on this great country of such rich traditions that has made such a great contribution to progress and civilization, and which has turned into an operational base of violence and destruction. And, secondly, it must re-evaluate its philosophy and the methods it has utilized up until now in terms of promoting development and prosperity for its peoples.

Greece will be a part of in this effort that would be prove to be redeeming and regenerative for all of humanity.

It is finally time for us to grow up and mature, to not only save humankind but also planet Earth, which so generously hosts us. We must fully understand that the Human is one and that the gift of life is the same for all of us and that we are destined to savour with every pore of our body, our spirit and soul the complete blessedness that peaceful co-existence with others and nature can give us, that will enable us to fully develop our creative powers. In both the material and spiritual world.

I am certain that, if Europe chooses this path, it will be able to turn today’s Hell into Paradise.”

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