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With such common sense as I possess I cannot explain, much less justify, the speed with which our country has slumped from the 2009 level to the point where we lose part of our national sovereignty to the IMF and are placed under trusteeship.

And it is strange that until now, no one has done the simplest thing, that is, traced the course of our economy from then until now with facts and figures, so that we, the uninitiated, can understand the real reasons for this unprecedented and dizzying turn of events, which has resulted in the loss of our national independence and, along with it, international humiliation.

I hear about the debt of 360 billions but at the same time I see that many other countries have the same or bigger debts. This cannot, therefore be the main reason for our misfortune. What also troubles me is the element of exaggeration in the blows dealt our country internationally; this, together with such a highly concerted action against a financially insignificant country, raises suspicions. I thus come to the conclusion that some people shamed us and scared us in order to lead us to the IMF, which is a basic element of USA expansionist policy. All the talk about European solidarity was just a smoke-screen, concealing the fact that it was clearly an American initiative, aiming to plunge us into a largely factitious financial crisis, so our people live in fear, become poorer, lose precious achievements and finally bend the knee, consenting to be ruled by foreigners. But what is it all for? What plans are to be carried out, what goals achieved?

Although I have always been, and still am, a supporter of Greek-Turkish friendship, I must say that I am frightened by this suddenly tightening of the relationship between the two governments, the meetings of ministers and other officials, the visits to Cyprus and the visit of Erdogan. I suspect that behind all this lies American policy and its dubious plans concerning our geographical position, marine oil deposits, Cyprus’s regime and the Aegean, our northern neighbours and Turkey’s arrogant attitude; plans so far deterred only by the Greek people’s wariness and opposition.

Everyone around us has already more or less climbed on the US bandwagon. We have sounded the single discordant note, we who, from the enforcement of the Junta and the loss of 40% of Cyprus to the US'S close relations with FYROM and the ultranationalist Albanians, have received continuous blows, but have still not come to our senses.

Hence, we ought to be abolished as a people and that is exactly what is happening today. I call upon economists, politicians and analysts to prove me wrong. I believe that there is no plausible explanation other than that there is an international plot, with the participation of pro-American Europeans like Merkel, the European Central Bank and the international reactionary press, who conspired in their ‘bigger plan’ to reduce a free nation to slavery. I, at least, can find no other explanation. I admit, however, that I have no special knowledge and that my words are only based on common sense. But perhaps there are many other people who have come to the same conclusion – and we may find out in the days to come.

In any case, I would like to prepare public opinion and point out that if my analysis is right, then the financial crisis (which, as I have said, was forced on us) is no more than the first bitter drink in the sumptuous feast that is to follow and which this time affects such vital national issues that I don’t even wish to imagine where they will lead us.

I wish I was wrong.

Athens, 27/4/2010

Mikis Theodorakis

English Translation: Lena Kostopoulou and Ariel Wagner-Parker

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