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27.07.07: Statement on the fires in Greece

Greece Burns


The tragic situation in which we have found ourselves in recent days is the product of sick masterminds. I tremble at the thought that there may be Greeks among them and I distance myself from any such people.

It is obvious that it is a satanic plan. The arsonists began three months ago, when in one day, they set 1.064 fires all over the country and they still continue, raising hundreds of new fires every day.

Their motives cannot be economic (greedy real-estate developers) or psychological (pyromaniacs). Naturally, such people exist. But such motivation is not the problem here.

An analysis of the facts leads to the conclusion that we are dealing with a central mastermind, someone skilled, a general planning “battles” on a map. The fires penetrate strategic points, such as factories and electricity plants (Megaloupoli, Aliveli, Domokos), historic sites (Olympia, Epikouros Apollon), and places of unique natural beauty

They do not hesitate to endanger inhabited areas or human lives and thus display obsession, hate and a manic vindictiveness against our nation and all our people. They seek to undermine the prospect of a calm political life and social stability after the elections (16 September 2007), regardless of the electoral outcome.

Who are these people?

In my opinion, it would have been possible to oppose their plans and to expose them. However, the workings of our state continue to be problematic and unable to face large-scale challenges. Meanwhile, the state is open to corrosive influences and easily disorientated. It is the same as with the “17 November” Group: it made us suffer for close on 30 years and in the end proved in reality to be a totally ludicrous organization.

It saddens me because whoever is putting us to the test with fires in the forests, the villages, the towns, but also in the cities, even Athens, finds us literally asleep – since we didn’t have the foresight to establish an effective nation and a cohesive society. That is, one with moral values and a profound sense of solidarity and vigilance, above party politics and economic interests. We are a fragmented society, a people without cohesion, without memory, without a common perspective and we are therefore vulnerable. A people left to its fate – for which it is itself responsible.

Mikis Theodorakis
27 August 2007

Translated by M. Orfanos & Ariel Wagner-Parker

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