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27.10.06: Theodorakis reacts to a forgery

Mikis Theodorakis wishes to publish the following statement concerning a forged letter, purportedly written by him and which was circulated on 25 October in his name throughout different countries of the world, apparently being sent mainly to Embassies and other international organizations.


This is a despicable, demeaning and dangerous text, whose principal objective is to destroy me morally and which is trying to create an unbridgeable chasm between the people of Israel and myself.

It is an odious provocation that I wholeheartedly condemn. The letter was created by obscure forces and sent out via Internet, using a fabricated „sender address“ (my name is mentioned but it is not my address), to an unknown number of recipients, whose identity also remains unknown.

I first learnt about the text when one recipient, convinced the text could not have been written by me, forwarded it on to me.

One must ask who could be motivated to do something like this? Who would want to bring such a thing about? And what person or persons are hidden behind the false Internet address?

I can only distance myself from and totally condemn both the contents and the form of this most provocative document, which, I repeat, bears no relation to my opinions, ethics and my proven respect for the people of Israel.

During a meeting with Mr Moses Konstantinis, President of the Central Jewish Council of Greece, I had the opportunity to communicate him these thoughts and also assure him of my longstanding and profound solidarity with the people in Israel who are fighting for a better world.

Athens, 27.10.2006
Mikis Theodorakis

Engliish Translation: Ariel Wagner-Parker

Rem.: We do no intend to do the perpetrator(s) the honour of publishing his / their rubbish

And here are the proofs of the forgery:

- Wrong Internet address
- For a text in a very "approximate" English, indication of the French Home Page Site

- Theodorakis never indicates in his letters "Greek composer"

- Theodorakis never would have used such a cretinous formula

- No comment

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