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"Mia Thalassa" - Poems

CD: Mia Thalassa

1.- The Cycle of the Water

Every shower is music
as the cycle of the water ends
and my loneliness within it blossoms.

2. - A Sea

It's the moment to come
as daylight dwindles
in the blazing bodies of the rocks
and the moon counts its steps backwards.
Come, now,
as the sun sets
in a sea full of music.

3. - Deep down in my destiny

In my blood flows
superb spring-like music
and your smile;
like your face
makes its way deeper and deeper
into my destiny.

4. - Nocturnal colours

Your eyes
forever new
enter my secret dreams
endless amorous journeys
amidst brilliant nocturnal

5. - Let me be reborn

You came at the time of the fiery rain
from the furthermost bounds of the ruinous world
you stayed till I revived
in your August hair.

6. - Journey to infinity

With my small passions
I have voyaged
beyond the world
and among your great cities
in my words divested of body
caressing your sea hair.

7. - Diotima

From the lovely portal of your eves
i move to your song full of compassion
priestess of the mystery of your Aegean sea.

8. - Because you are the wind

In your large hands
you hold my days
and i follow you through the streets
without Sunday
for you are the wind, the one from elsewhere
the uninhabited.

9. - I love you (In an endless noon)

You look at me
and the words multiply in my palms
in the depths of your hair my voice travels.
you speak to me
and I dream of seas
which quiver with kisses
and caresses !n the winds.
and I love you in an endless noon.

10. - Echo of death

It was thus
when the wind got up, scorching
in the middle of July
churning the waters, crushing my voice;
I saw in my eyes
deep down on your eves
a red flower
in the crack of a black rock
alone in the open sea
and all around the wind was building up
into an echo of death.

11. - A window open onto the Gulf of Corinth

The window open
and the sea awaiting you
beyond your garden
and through your trees
which open up the road to springs
and songs
and the early morning sun which dresses
your body in foliage.

12. - As long as the sea lasts

Coming close to you naked
like an August noon
with the meltem of my hair
enveloping you.
Breast against breast
for as long as the sea lasts.

13. - Without return

On my roof the light has settled
and how can my eyelids
bear so much love?
Before my throat was
you were the word
in my throat cum wound
and all that green in the open sea!

14. - On the road to the sun

Tomorrow when the hours
retrace their steps
I shall await you
where the summer left me.
You will come
you will always come
following in the footsteps of the sun
which fade away in its
blinding light.

15. - Your face

Your face vanishes like the water
with steps of nocturnal flight
I am left with your eves
dark kisses
and my sorrow
Your face grows more distant
As time that never returns
increases my sadness, my loneliness
and my sorrow.

16. - Kerinia

The road led to the sea
amongst your red geraniums
and the white tiles of the courtyard.
You wrote your name on
the white walls of the wind
which carried it away and cast it
to the open sea
and I grasped your message
through the seven letters
dancing to the rhythm
of the waves.

17. - The waves of your hair

With the waves of your hair
you carry me away to the
secret depths of the poets
where sea music lies hiding.
Enveloping in my body
with words from your paradises
and other ancient Greek things
shipwrecked centuries ago.

18. - Expression

Your voice goes out to meet me
and I recognize you through
your innermost words
pouring into the impetuous
rivers of your body.

19. - At this moment

It's the moment to come
as daylight dwindles
in the blazing bodies of the rocks
and the moon counts its steps backwards.
Come, now,
as the sun sets
in a sea full of music.

20. - Dreams of autumn

I saw you somewhere in the depths
of my sleep
amongst Byzantine ruins of autumn
you were thinking of the sea
behind stone vaults
- you appeared to me -
amorous journey into the uncertain
future of my memory.

21. - Come secretly

Daylight dwindles
and desires are kindled
beneath the trees of your silence.
The flowers drink in the darkness
then slumber.
Come secretly with the light
of the small stars
before the sky scatters
and the sea fills with moons.

22. - Ermoupoli

Time is lulled by the music of the waters
and time blossoms at the root of your rocks.
And you, unexpected city of white and ochre,
you extend your damp memories
to the wind of the Aegean sea and the unchanging light
and the calm sea cradles you
in my heart.

Dimitra Manda - English translation: Mary Pardou

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