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"Our Sister Athina" - Poem

A sun will rise from within the sighing breasts
a sun will rise from the prisons and the ravines
the way ants come out from their underground cells
a square sun.
The mouths of the cannons will not be able to kill it;
they aim at the sickle of its eyebrow
and always strike against its stone quarry.
Brave boys will rise from the folds of our pain,
brave boys with coarse pains
they will seize the crowbars and our heavy dreams engraving on the day's forehead :
We want to live.
Violins will sound from our tormented chests to violin strings the barbed wires flutes will become the bored bones and the lifted dance will be held aloft:
We marry the truth,
we marry the scorned earth, the most unique and dear,
we marry her laughter, her milk, her veins
to our children.
It was just at daybreak
when they took our sister Athina to the execution
Earlier that night we had secretly given her two oranges but she had not eaten them;
she kissed them with such adoration
as if they contained in their juice the whole spring.
the whole succulent freshness of the earth
and then hid them in her breast.
At the corner of her cell
death had crouched like a terrified dog
and she called to him:
Here Tiger, here Blackie, come here Jack !
trying to find his dog name.
Come here, so l can show you the tracks of truth.
Come here and smell the oranges l have in my breast!
It was just at daybreak.
With ten rifle-bursts they nailed a great breast,
oblivious of the golden oranges
and their juice mingled with the blood
and their seeds found the noble earth;
the place was filled with orange trees:
Cut as you may, cut them, but they can't be diminished
for the First Symphony.

Yorgos Photinos / Kouloukis

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