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08.10.03: 3 performances a day

Romanos Publishers
Romanos Publishers is exclusively dedicated to publishing and distributing the music and works of Mikis Theodorakis.

Romanos Publishers has also developed an alliance with the German Music House, Schott. To date in Greece and internationally, they have published and distributed five (5) symphonies, five (5) Ballads, two (2) piano works, twenty three (23) song rounds we are preparing a relevant catalogue) whilst there are still other works in progress.

Romanos Publishers provide the necessary material for the choirs and orchestras with which the performance of Mikis Theodorakis’compositions come to fruition.

Based on the dissemination of this musical material, concerts of his works, venues, cities and countries in which they have been performed have been faithfully listed, including, of course the names of the performing groups and naturally the titles of his works.

Based on this information, during the existence of Romanos Publishers from 1995 to today, there have been 800 performances all over the world mainly showcasing the works of Zorba’s Ballet and Canto General (a more detailed outline is being prepared).

We estimate that an average of 100 performances annually, that is a presentation of one of his works every 3 days by superb international performing groups, results in a significant achievement of which we are proud.

We further believe that the complete publication of the works of Mikis Theodorakis will make his entire works known around the world resulting in more concentrated and frequent performances.

When the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mr Evangelos Venizelos became aware of this information he sent us the following letter:

Athens , 8 October 2003

My Dear Mikis,

It is with a feeling of great national pride that I read the Romanos publications echoing the great success of your symphonic works across the world

I absolutely agree with the Romanos spokesperson that “with the staging of the works of a contemporary composer, and a Greek one at that, in over 100 concerts a year across the world, constitutes a significant achievement that is especially important in spreading the radiance of Greece internationally".

May you always be well.

With my Love

Evangelos Venizelos

Issued by Romanos Publishers

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