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18.02.03: Theodorakis enraged with media cover up of protests

Mikis enraged
Intense accusations against private television stations that silenced Saturday's major anti-war rallies, and were fully occupied with the visit of the former king, were made by renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.

In his statements he mentioned:

"The Channel-holders and especially those in charge of reports and the news behaved as though they have no connection to the Greek people and its problems. Irrelevant, indifferent, frigid, the only thing that matters to them is how much goes into their pockets, while other people go out into the streets to defend the supreme good, peace, which our country's future, and therefore their future, depends on".

What they did last Saturday stepped over the line and was an open provocation to the vast majority of the people, he stressed, and wondered who ordered the television crews and journalists to leave the protest and cover it up, making it disappear.

"After this provocation they should have the courage to uncover their faces and take up their responsibilities", underlined M. Theodorakis. "Because, in the end, they made a deeply political choice, which challenged our democratic and peace loving feelings. And for that reason it is time for us to wake up, because otherwise the unseen rulers of the black image may prove to be stronger than all juntas, terrorists, and monarchs".

Macedonian Press Agency, 18.02.2003

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